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Games I’m playing right now!!!

So what games am I playing right now?, hey everyone I really thought this would be a fun post to share. With so many games out there and with phone games becoming more advanced, gaming as gotten much more better. There are a ton of games...


Angels of Death vs Ib: Which is Better?

Angels of Death vs. Ib: Which is better? First of all, that’s not the sign for pound. It’s actually Ib as in”Ihb” being the name of the female protagonist. The other contender, Angels of Death, is another one of those RPG indie horror games. It was...

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5 Best indie games for Android 2018

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about some of the best and fun indie games for Android that I have played, that’s given me hours and hours of gameplay or made me go into zombie game mode where I saw nothing but the game and there...