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Do you love trying to figure out who the killer is ?
Maybe you enjoy mysteries that really draws out your paranoia and pulls towards psychological as well. Mystery can be so dang great and we have some great mystery anime, manga and game recommendations for you!

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Watch Out For The Thug YumDeku Squad !

What would the MyAnime2go squad look like? Hello everyone. This is an interesting post I have wanted to write for a while now, after reading Lita’s amazing post. I really think it will make an interesting tag and after a lot of putting it off, cause...

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 8 0

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 8

   This was a new feeling. I looked down at the newly obtained sword, the wings on my back, how I destroyed the house we were all in. I feel way more powerful, way more stronger, and different. I looked down at all the disgusting creatures...

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 7 0

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 7

   I don’t know how long I’ve been knocked out. More so, I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I took an attack like that. My eyes slowly opened as I search my surroundings. I slowly sit up and wince as I instinctively grabbed...

Fortana & Futura Chapter 6 0

Fortana & Futura Chapter 6

   In my head, I already knew this fight was going nowhere, but that seemed like it mattered to no one at this point. Me and Dante where pretty much even with none of us seeming tired at all. A Duskwalker had all the strength and...

Fortana & Futura Chapter 5 0

Fortana & Futura Chapter 5

   “You have a Duskwalker as a son?!” my voice couldn’t be raised anymore than it already was.     “You don’t have to yell you know. I’m right here.” why was she so nonchalant about this?   I wondered why the All Father did not have anything...

Fortana & Futura Chapter 4 0

Fortana & Futura Chapter 4

   Soon arriving back in Heaven, I was greeted by the most unlovable of faces. She had flowing black hair and purple wings that resembled that of demons. Her midnight purple dress that stopped just above her foot, her cynical purple eyes, that same half smile...

Fortana & Futura Chapter 3 0

Fortana & Futura Chapter 3

 We stayed locked with our weapons scraping against one another. His eyes peered into mines as we both tried our hardest to out match our strength. The air around us became distorted before we strongly pushed away from one another. I was glad that was over. ...

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 2 0

Fortana & Futura: Chapter 2

 On the rooftops, me, the demon, and Elisia was having a discussion about Futura. In the back of my mind I can already hear my Lord shouting at me for my actions. I could care less at this moment. Only thing that mattered to me was...