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Magical girl is a subgenre of Japanese fantasy anime and manga which features girls with magical powers or who use magic.

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Delta/Blue: Episode 5 – Shocker

The Vector got back up and screeched loudly at Kayato who was standing there with no fear in his eyes. The two girls got his little sister out-of-the-way and their commander joined up soon because of their message. They all watched as Kayato seemed to be...


Delta/Blue: Episode 3 – Realization

  Kayato stood there with the electricity flowing throughout his body and making contact with the ground around his feet. The two girls stared at him in awe and amusement as Kayato stepped forward and looking between them both. Mizuki stared back at Kayato with a small...


Delta/Blue: Episode 2 – A Different Life

     “I’m a what now?” Kayato questioned, looking at the two very unfamiliar women that entered his hospital room.      “You’re a Delta, a human with extraordinary inhumane powers.” the girl with the black hair said. Kayato looked between her and the the blond...

Delta/Blue: Episode 1 – Delta 0

Delta/Blue: Episode 1 – Delta

  Waking up in the morning of his medium size house on the outskirts of Shibuya, 21 year Kayato Arihime slowly opened his eyes as sun shined through his open bedroom windows. Kayato slowly sat up as his dark purple hair flowed in front of his bright...