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There are plenty of scary movies and horror films for film lovers to choose from, but what about anime fans? Don’t worry, there’s lots of dark anime and good horror anime for fans to enjoy!

We have all of your scare tactics and jump scares which will have you at the edge of your seat or gripping your pillow so tight, your mom has to calm you down from the intense experience you will endure after checking these selections.

I am a Hero Omnibus 0

Surviving in Zombieland: I Am A Hero

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you a new manga, I found myself not being able to put down. I was introduced to it by my little brother. If you love post apocalyptic manga and unlikely heroes, you will definitely love I am a Hero....

Tokyo Ghoul:re – Anime Review 0

Tokyo Ghoul:re – Anime Review

   So far only 2 episode into the anime,  I have to say it’s seems Ok. The art style is in normal tokyo ghoul style that we love and there seem should to be more fight scenes that are not censored by colouring them black.  ...

Winter Woods – Manga Review 0

Winter Woods – Manga Review

Winter Woods is a Sci-fi/Fantasy + Romance comic with fresh art, characters and story. The characters are very well made and relatable. the character development of winter who is learning human emotions is portrayed very well. The art or should is say the Direction(as in directing...

Shinsekai yori – Review 0

Shinsekai yori – Review

   “What a journey.”     These are the words I said to myself when I had the pleasure of completing Shinsekai yori (From the new world). A-1 Pictures, while known from some of it’s notoriously bad series, has really left in me shock on just...


They Only Wanted to Play Too

Alexa I was always a lonely child. My parents were shut ins by most standards. They raised animals, grew their own food, and only went to town to buy essentials like tools. Occasionally they’d splurge on a treat when I went with them, but until I...


They Only Wanted to Play Too

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing great, you asked for it so this is our latest scary story for you. From how newest writer here at MyAnime2go, so please if you like it please let us know and share and comment. We are always glad to...