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Watch Out For The Thug YumDeku Squad !

What would the MyAnime2go squad look like? Hello everyone. This is an interesting post I have wanted to write for a while now, after reading Lita’s amazing post. I really think it will make an interesting tag and after a lot of putting it off, cause...

Death Parade – Review 0

Death Parade – Review

  Death Parade is a twisted, dark, and extremely frightening take on the afterlife and judgement day wielding powerful animation, incredible suspense, and some well-executed twists and turns.    Death Parade is an extremely effective horror anime for many reasons. Firstly, one of the traits that...


Only a Game: Chapter One

I guess it’s only fair if I start at the very beginning. My name is Rose, and this is my story of how my life truly ended. Everyone that ever knew me thinks I simply slipped away in my sleep, but that’s not true. I ended...