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A fighting game is a video game genre based around interpersonal combat between a limited amount of characters, in which they fight until they defeat their opponents or the timer expires.



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Games I’m playing right now!!!

So what games am I playing right now?, hey everyone I really thought this would be a fun post to share. With so many games out there and with phone games becoming more advanced, gaming as gotten much more better. There are a ton of games...

Naruto Uzumaki, Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy & Son Goku, born Kakarot 0

Jump Force release date, roster and gameplay

    Hey everyone, welcome back to MA2. Today I want to talk about Jump Force. Jump Force  JUMP FORCE Game More way to get the game.  Release: Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One Jump Force is an upcoming fighting game coming out in February 2019, developed by Spike Chunsoft and published...


Might Of Iron: Chapter 10 – Face To Face

The three Edonian fighters stood before a large orc and his men behind him as they held a small standoff before civilians of a small underground city that was completely unknown to the surface. The orc’s nostrils flared with each breath as it looked between each...


Might Of Iron: Chapter 9 – Scouting Out

   Standing alone with one of his men dead and the other two standing with their swords drawn as the three drow jumped down from their post and right in front of them. They all stood with their faces partially covered by a black mask as...