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A lot of anime, manga and games stays pretty lighthearted, most viewers know that it isn’t always fun and games. … Lie in April, Plastic Memories, A Silent Voice, Kokoro Connect, Grave of the Fireflies, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 are all great examples of sad anime that will pull at your heart strings.

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Making Everything Anime!

Making everything anime is something I think all we anime otaku do, whenever we read a book, watch a movie, series and even some parts of our daily live encounters, we are all gulity of every now and then wondering what it would be like if...

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Berserk – Casca restored, regains memory

  Hello everyone, something monumental, big, no massive just happened in the Berserk manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. This is an event roughly 21 years in the making! And in chapter 354 that just came out, It happened Berserk Casca regains memory. Please note...

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Pure of gold, you look in my heartSharp like silver, you tear me apartRich like bronze, you make me a foolWorthless like copper, I drown in a poolI speak no evil of manShall I do, you relieve me of my handsTake me away to the farthest...

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Hush Little Angel

Hush little angelDon’t you cryYou’ll Never see another family dieStay here with me and smile all dayI know somehow you’ll find a wayDon’t cry anymore or your wings will turn blackPeople will take advantage if your emotions lackPeople will hurt and misuse youCause you distress and...