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Something awesome and a great help 0

Something awesome and a great help

So, I just happen to stumble upon this great website that brother showed me and my sister. Its called Jukedeck, and what it is, is simply amazing. It’s an AI musical maker for you and is free to use in youtube videos. You pick a genre,...

Amazing Workout Routines – Day 11 0

Amazing Workout Routines – Day 11

   Hello everyone, its day 11 of full body workout please remember to make it a routine I do my workouts early in the morning, but schedule yours to when its convenient for you. The exercises are quick,easy and you don’t need to have any gym...

anime poetry 0


From space and timeI see all of mineThat of what I amMemories reset and lives rekindled I speak of words and miraclesStars aligned from the fingertips of our creatorsMinds read from the books of our believersAnd intuitions substituted by the ideas of our liberatorsWe run towards...