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Suitcase of the Future 0

Suitcase of the Future

Forwardx cx-1 suitcase       This is a wonderful piece of technology, with the Forwardx cx-1 you will never lose you luggage again, cause now it’s always by your side literally. The self propelled suitcase will tag along behind you through anywhere your journey takes...

Bitcoin, A-Z on what you need to know about it 0

Bitcoin, A-Z on what you need to know about it

   Hay everyone, it’s getting close to the end of the year, so money is going to be discussed a lot. So in the spirit of money talks, especially now Bitcoin market capitalisation is close to $20,000, I decided to write about one of those means...



  With the world developing rapidly it’s easy to get left behind and feel old fashioned, so I present to you some of the trending technological devices some you probably didn’t know existed. SGNL  This device is called SGNL (not sure what the full meaning is)...