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miraculous ladybug au that you’ll love.

Miraculous x Snow White with the Red Hair|| Art by: ErizuChan After Adrien first kisses Marinette, she finds that something in her heart is different than before as she realizes her feelings aren’t platonic, though she still wants to protect him. (Sort of a Ladrien/Ladynoir scenario.) Snow White with the Red Hair is one of my favorite anime shows and I LOVE that someone did the artwork for this!

Another one of my favorites is by segldraws from their deviantart account I believe. The Nightmare Before Christmas has always been one of my favorite movies and I love the pairing of Marinette and Adrien for this.

Another favorite miraculous ladybug AU by Knight of Roses on Tumblr. Most of us 90’s kids, and even early 2000’s grew up watching Kim Possible, so seeing our favorite hero’s cosplayed and pictured as ANOTHER childhood hero really takes the cake.

A Miraculous Ladybug AU featuring Adrien and Marinette as Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. A classic Studio Ghibli film. I wasn’t able to find the artist to this though so please link that to me if you know the original artist. Major kudos to them for their style!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Miraculous Ladybug AND Voltron. This was done by inuy21 on Tumblr. They have a whole set of these comics and they’re hilarious.

A Sailor Moon Au done by Visual Kid. Who else grew up loving Sailor Moon? I know I did.

I believe this was done by ggungabyfish but I could be wrong. That is where I first found the images though. There are TONS of the Little Mermaid crossover for a Miraculous Ladybug Au and I’m loving it. The Little Mermaid was always my favorite Disney movie and seeing my favorite show apart of it just makes it better.

Another classic. Shugo Chara was one of my first anime shows and Ikuto was the first cat boy I loved. Sorry, Chat Noir! Still, seeing this classic was amazing and I definitely had to add it to the list.

An Anastasia Au by the birdinthemoon. I watched this movie on repeat as a child. Getting to see it as an Miraculous Ladybug Au just makes it even better! There are several versions online for it but this was my favorite. I love Mari’s dress!

This Au by miss-cigarettes is a CLASSIC. The Princess Bride is a well loved classic and the artwork for this is just beautiful.

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Another fantasy AU by Carol G.

This was a Beauty and the Beast Au done by Grammunion but the link wouldn’t work. This is another one that has several versions done of this and all of them have been amazing.

This was posted(not sure if it’s the original artist though) on Tumblr here. Anytime I tried to post the link it kept failing. But still, this Thumbalina Au is adorable. Little side note, that was my nickname throughout Elementary and Junior High.

And finally, the demon Au for Miraculous Ladybug. I’m not sure who started this trend but it quickly caught on. I tried to reverse search the image and everything but couldn’t find the artist. They signed it in the corner but I couldn’t zoom in enough(this isn’t CSI).

What Miraculous Ladybug Au’s are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. So many and too cute. One moment ohhh next second aww. Shugo Chara was a surprise. Sun & Moon, Sailor Moon, Howl’s Moving Castle. These artists are amazing. Thanks for adding delight to a person’s day.

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