Monthly Archive: March 2019


Worst Anime of All Time!

You always see lists of all the best anime of all time but it’s rare to see them for the WORST anime of all time. So I decided to bug my roommates and ask around to see what people thought the worst anime of all time...


Fruits Basket is Getting a Reboot?!?!

Fruits Basket Reboot The release date for the new Fruits Basket Reboot has been narrowed down. It was finally revealed that the Fruits Basket 2019 anime will premiere in Japan in April. This will be the Spring 2019 anime season for us Westerners. The new series...

kira-Yagami-Light death note 2

Making Everything Anime!

Making everything anime is something I think all we anime otaku do, whenever we read a book, watch a movie, series and even some parts of our daily live encounters, we are all gulity of every now and then wondering what it would be like if...