3 Games That Need T.V. Series Adaptations

So, games, who doesn’t like them right? Video games has kept us entertained for years and years, gradually getting better over time. Graphics are smoother, character are more recognizable, and the plot to some of them are epic. Everyday around, someone somewhere is on a video game he or she loves for who knows how long. But have you ever played a game, more so a story driven game, and right in the middle of gameplay, you would say to yourself “Man, someone should really make like a television or movie adaptation for this”? I did too and I have 3 games here that I think would be awesome for the televisions, whether it’s a tv show, movie, or even an anime.

1. Nier: Automata – This was a huge game that came I thunk some time last year, and was an amazing all around in my books. The characters was super cool, the graphics were the best i ever seen, and the story was hella epic, i think my absolute favorite. Now, I’m a huge cyberpunk fan and love the future and how it is portrayed. This game took my heart by storm even when I first played the demo, so when that cane to the stage of full release, I was so pumped. Now, how cool would it be if that game became an anime? It would be, in my mind, one of the best, anime releases in history. From the awesome YorHa squad androids, to the epic battles of bosses, it would be a straight intense series that would leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more. Not to mention, the most beautiful of soundtracks and scenery you have seen.

2. God of War: Now there is no way I can talk about this without bringing up one of the greatest game series of all time. Exclusively made for Playstation, God of War was a sensational hit that captured the many hearts of gamers all over the world. This was a huge game series that just got a fourth installment this year and was an instant success. Now about what adaptation this series should take on, I would probably say a movie. One for each of the games that was offered. It would set the tone very nicely for each one of the installments. Pretty sure that would be some box office stuff right there.

3. Grand Theft Auto – Now, this is one now most of the viewers would agree with. The grand theft auto series has literally been talked about on more than one occasions, in fact it’s an understatement to say that it has been talked about. More like debated. Huge controversy has surrounded the game from day one, but it didn’t stop. In fact, it boosted it’s sales by that much more where five games and an inline feature has been created, giving you the chance to be your own created character to become rich and powerful. Now just think of how good the movies would be from top to bottom. The dialogue, the scenes, the characters, everything would be so awesome to see in high definition screen play.

Well, that’s the three that I could conjure up from heart. Was there any I miss? Let me know and I’ll probably do another one. See ya!!