New Beginning or the End: Chapter 1

“Some friends are like characters in a book. You start the book and meet your new friends. You go on an amazing adventure with them. Then when you finish the story and the adventure is over, you put the book away and start a new one. Where you meet new friends and have new adventures. Sometimes, though, your old friends come back and you get to have new adventures with them.
Hope you like the friends I’ve created for you and that you will enjoy your adventure with them.”–The one and only, Laura Ann. B. Fitzgerald.



 As she awoke slowly and smelled something odd, Kit tried to push herself up from the soft, damp ground below her. She felt a stabbing pain in her upper back as she pushed herself to her knees. The pain slowly spreading in her back she bit her lip and climbed to her feet. She whimpered and nearly cried out in agony as she took a shaky step and fell once again to her knees. Tasting a metallic flavor from blood as her canines dug into her lip she looked around and saw tall trees surrounding her. Panicking slightly she thought, “Where am I. . . ” As she tried to take flight to see above the canopy that was so far away, the tops of the trees almost blocking out all light, she collapsed to the ground as pain tore through her entire body. Twisting her arm behind her back she let out a high-pitch, blood curdling scream as she pulled her hand away, the tips of her fingers covered in warm, thick blood. She cried in complete and utter sorrow as the thought registered in her mind “My wings are gone. . .” Her vision beginning to fade, she saw a tall, dark, shadowy figure coming towards her as she fell unconscious. . .


 . . .bolting up right in bed Kit was panting heavily, as if she had just been running. She dug her pointed nails into the soft, light material of her blanket. She looked around and saw the familiar shape of decorations and furniture in her room. Blinking a few times to clear her clouded, hazy vision, she pulled the blanket up to her chest as she reached to turn on her black, iron, bed side lamp. As her breathing slowed and her eyes began to adjust to the light, she looked at her clock that read. “5:52 a.m.”.  Sighing lightly she leaned back for a moment against her soft, fluffy pillow. Starring at the red and purple stars, shimmering against her black ceiling, she began to wonder if she would ever escape the nightmares that haunted her dream world. Groaning softly she sat up and slid off her bed and walked quietly over to her dresser. She dug through it until she came upon a black tank top, with a sliver skull design, and a heavy built pair of black jeans. Pulling these on quickly, she walked back to her window and looked out at the dark, moonless night .She couldn’t see any stars, for the clouds from an incoming storm blocked the sky. As she slowly slid her window open, afraid the track would squeak as it almost always did, she sighed slightly in relief and was surprised when it fully opened without a sound. Pulling herself out and onto a nearby branch, she sat there for a moment, feeling the soft moss that grew on the tree against her hand. As she slowly climbed the soft moss brushing against her every so often .She climbed to the top of the tree. Seeing the sun just slightly giving off it’s first rays in the distant, as it rose above the horizon. She watched as the waves of the nearby beach, crashed against the rocky wall, of a small cliff. Remembering how she and Alexis had once jumped from that cliff into the waters below, she smiled a bit and realized she probably shouldn’t have encouraged dangerous behavior like that, but Lexi had begged her until she had agreed they could jump once .Her smiled faded as she remembered Nick’s horrified scream as he saw the girls plummeting towards the cold water below. He had yelled at them for nearly an hour, after hugging them and making sure they were okay. She wondered how anyone could care so much for others, yet she knew people could. Only it was beyond her how she could ever be like that herself.
 Glancing down at the trees scattered along the beach. She began to think of the days she had played hide and seek with Alexis there. She remembered one day they had hid in a small tidal pool cave that had dried out, Nick had yelled at them for going where he couldn’t see, but they had just run off laughing and continued their game. Little to Nick’s knowledge they often went back at night and would sit in the small cave talking. It was like their own personal hide out, where nothing could ever harm them. Sighing softly she started to climb back down to her window after glancing once more towards the dark water below. Wondering if she’d ever get to know what’s out there, if there really is a place in this world she’s meant to be. . . .

     Chapter One

 As she slowly came awake hours later, Kit sighed as she recalled her nightmare. Moving slowly she got out of bed and looked at her clock. Sighing softly she mumbled to herself, “Only 8:48.a.m.” Walking towards her door she smiled as she looked at the pictures pinned to it. Some of her when she was younger, and many with her playing with Lexi. Opening her door she started for the kitchen and groaned a bit as she smelled, fresh bacon being cooked. Walking into the kitchen she saw Alexis wearing baby blue pajamas with little hearts on them, and Nick standing at the stove in light gray sweat pants. Lexi looked up at her and smiled, “So are you finally conscious?” she said in a teasing voice.
Grinning back at her Kit said, “I’m never fully conscious, do you even need to ask anymore.”
Turning from the stove Nick pointed to the chair and said, “Sit down Kit, it’s too early for me to deal with you two.”
“Oh, dad were just teasing. “Lexi said softly, as she lightly poked Kit in the ribs when she sat down.
Hissing a bit under her breath and she grabbed Lexi’s wrist and kept in below the table and lightly tapped it against the wood, Kit smiled at the familiar morning routine, they seemed to always have. Turning with a plate of bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast Nick sat down and said” With you two, it always started as ‘just teasing'”.  Smiling as they began to grab food and eat Nick cleared his throat and said, “So, Kit, tomorrow is your birthday. Anything special you’d like to do?”
Looking up Kit began to wonder if she really could leave. Speaking quietly as she looked back down slightly she said, “I was actually thinking about leaving. . . . the island that is.”
Lexi gasped quietly and Nick, simply reached across the table to lightly touch Kit’s hand. “If that’s really what you want ,then no one will stop you. Kit it’s your life, if you think that there is something else out there for you, then go. Don’t let us hold you back.”
Lexi gaped at her father, then turned to Kit and stood up as she said, “So that’s it then. Your going to leave us just like that? After everything we’ve been through together, you. . . .”choking a bit as she started to cry at the though of losing the only “sister” she had ever known,  Lexi finished as she ran from the room. “You’re gonna leave us. . . .”
Looking up after Lexi, Kit pushed her plate away as she didn’t feel hungry anymore. She knew Lexi wouldn’t like her choice, but she felt as though something beyond the island was calling her, like she was meant to go. “Nick, I have to. . . .”she said simply as she stood and turned to leave the room.
Standing up, Nick stepped in front of her and said, “I know Kitten, and she’ll forgive you, because she loves you and wants you happy. The same as I want, although I wish you’d have given a bit more of a warning. I mean we need to get you ready. “He said this last bit with a smile and pulled her closer to hug her. Smiling as she hugged Nick, she realized she may never her Nick call her Kitten  again, or be able to hug him when she was scared. Yet she still knew that she had to leave, she needed to know more about the world.
Stepping back to walk away she said, “I’ll go find Lexi. . . . .”
As she wandered through the house, she remembered the way Lexi would run around, jumping from couch to couch, pretending the floor was lava. She smiled as she looked at the corner where they set up  a Christmas tree one year and laughed a bit to herself as she thought of how she and Lexi had knocked it over by accident playing games, and had been up all night putting it back up and getting it redecorated so Nick wouldn’t know, of course they couldn’t reach the star so Lexi had stood on her shoulders and tried to put it back where it belonged. Nick had walked into the living and just stared at them for a moment, before walking over and taking Lexi off Kit’s shoulders he took Kit’s hand and took them back to bed. Walking out the door she knew where Alexis would be, the tidal pool cave. . . .
As she started for the beach she soon saw the cave and could hear Lexi still crying. Stopping when she reached the edge of the cave, she laid on her stomach, feeling the soft, cold sand under her, she hung her head over the edge of the cave, her hair falling over her shoulder slightly. She looked at Lexi as she had practically crammed herself into the cave.  “You know it looks kinda funny to see you in there again. Neither of us have fit comfortably in there since we were little.”
Lexi looked up and said, “Go away, I don’t want to see you. “in a sorrow filled voice.
“Lexi, you know this is something I have to do. Did you really expect me to stay with you forever?” Kit said in a soft voice.
Lexi snapped at her, “I thought you cared about us. . . .b-but I guess I was wrong.”
Looking down on her Kit felt anger rise in her as she raised her voice more than she meant to. “You know I love you both, and it’s not fair to say I don’t care when you know I always will.” Her voice breaking a bit as she felt tears come to her eyes she said “Lexi, I need to know who I really am. Not just a half demon freak, that no one ever wanted. . . I need to do this. . . .” Whispering as she pushed herself up from the ground and starting to cry, she mumbled “Please don’t hate me for this. . . .”
Looking up through the opening, Lexi stood and started to pull herself out of the cave. “Kit?” she said softly as she pulled herself out of the cave slowly .”I didn’t mean. . . . I know you care about us, but I don’t understand why’d you’d want to leave us. We love you and you know that we want you here. “she added quietly as she moved to stand next to Kit.
Turning slightly to look at her, Kit said, “Lexi. . .”she whispered her name like a prayer. “I know you don’t understand my reasons for this, nor should I expect you to, but something. . .” Turning fully to face Lexi and look out towards the water she added softly “Something out there, somewhere out there. . .Is the place I’m meant to be, and I can feel it. As much as I love you and Nick, I was never meant to stay here forever.”
Stepping forward, Kit lightly wrapped her arms around Lexi and said, “I’ll always come back to you, but I need to know what’s out there for me.”
Looking up at her as she stepped back, Lexi said, “Promise me then. Promise that you will come back. No matter what you find out there, promise me you won’t forget us and you will always come home to us.”
Nodding slowly Kit held her hand up and made an x in front of her heart “Hope to die if I should fail to keep my promise. . . . I promise you Lexi, I will come home someday. I just don’t know when that day will be. . . .”
Smiling a bit Lexi stepped past her and started towards home, adding quietly as she paused for a moment, “Then we should go start packing the things you’ll need.”
 Glad she had, hopefully, fixed things between them. Kit walked back with Lexi in silence and saw Nick standing on the small, deck outside. He smiled when he saw them walking back together, and Kit wondered how long it would be before she would see that smile again. As they walked up to the door she smiled lightly as Lexi hugged Nick, before walking into the house. Looking up at Nick, Kit smiled a bit and said, “Guess she isn’t mad anymore.”
Smiling he hugged her. Kissing the top of her head lightly he said, “You should go start packing before she changes her mind about you going.”
Laughing softly Kit nodded, and walked into the house. Walking to her room she pushed open the door and was surprised to see her heavy built camping backpack already on the bed. Looking over she saw Lexi standing in her closet and said, “And what do you think your doing?”
Turning Alexis smiled and said, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m helping you pack. I mean obviously if your leaving you won’t be taking a lot, right? Just some clothes ,maybe a few pictures ,some food and. . . . .”Cutting off as she saw Kit grinning she said, “What? Why are you smiling at me like that?”
Laughing lightly Kit walked over and hugged her before stepping towards her bed to sit on the edge of it. “Only you , Lexi, would be trying to figure out what I need, without even asking me.”
Smiling a bit Lexi said, “That’s because I know you too well. I know what you’ll need, compared to what you think you’ll need.”
Getting up she lightly pulled Lexi away from her closet and said, “I will pack my clothes, and other things I need. You, go get dressed and get ready, I want to go do something today before I leave.”
Playfully pushing Lexi towards her door, she closed it before Lexi could protest. Smiling as she grabbed her camping backpack from her bed and walking towards her dresser. Sighing she dropped her bag on the floor, where it made a dull thud. Looking down she opened it and started pulling clothes from her dresser and dropping them in it. Grabbing a few long sleeved shirts and some hoodies ,she dropped them into the bag as well ,before closing her dresser and walking over to her closet. Looking through some of the clothes she decided against them and figured Lexi could have them when she left. Walking back to her dresser she took a small, silver metal box and put a few pictures in it. Sealing it tightly she set it into her bag carefully ,before pulling a small survival kit from under her bed and adding that to her bag before closing it. Tightening the straps so she could wear it comfortably .Opening her door she stepped out and went to the living room to see Nick and Lexi fully dressed and holding a small bag. Looking at them suspiciously she said. “Okay, what’s going on now?”
Smiling Lexi said, “If you plan on leaving then your getting your birthday present today. “She handed Kit a small box and hugged her lightly before whispering in her ear, “Hope you like it.”
After Lexi stepped back Kit opened the box and saw a small, black cat locket on a silver chain .Pulling it out of the box carefully she opened the locket to see a picture of her with Nick and Lexi. She felt tears come to her eyes as she looked up at them and smiled before hugging them both tightly. “Thank you both so much.” Handing the locket to Lexi she turned and said, “Help me put it on?”
Smiling Lexi clasped it behind Kit’s neck and smiled when Kit turned again. “You know it really fits you well. Even if you weren’t our cat girl.”
Smiling Kit playfully smacked Alexis in the shoulder and said, “I may be a cat girl, but at least I’m unique. “She began to wonder if she was the only one like her. . . . .”What if I’m the only one? What if I never truly find out about myself.” she thought as she took Lexi’s hand and started pulling her towards the door. “Let’s go Lexi, I need your help with something.”
Grinning as they stepped onto the porch Lexi looked at her and said, “What could I possibly help you with?”
Facing Lexi for a moment Kit said, “We’re gonna go find a sapling, and move it to the beach. As long as that tree grows you know I’m always safe.”
Looking at her in surprise, Lexi leaned away from her and said, “But, I thought you didn’t like doing stuff like that. The whole sentimental thing?”
Rolling her eyes, Kit said, “Lexi, this is for us, and besides it’s not sentimental. Simply a reminder that I’m out there somewhere.” Taking Alexis’s hand Kit pulled her down from the deck and started walking into the jungle.
 They looked for a few hours before finding a young sapling that was easy to pull up without breaking any roots. As they walked back towards the beach, Kit smiled as she felt a leaf brush her arm as they walked through the familiar jungle. As they stepped out of the trees and onto the beach, they carefully put the sapling down and went to digging a hole immediately. After digging a suitably sized hole they carefully lowered the tree into it and started packing soil around it loosely. When they were finished Kit smiled as she saw a smile amount of dirt on Lexi’s face .She burst out laughing as Lexi wiped at her cheek and smeared it more on her face.
Lexi looked at her and said, “What? Is something wrong?”
Shaking her head slowly, Kit said through her fits of laughter. “You. . .just. . . .smeared dirt. . . .all over, your cheek.”
Frowning as she wiped at her face to get the dirt off Lexi walked closer to the water and knelt  down to begin washing her face off. As she stood again she said, “That isn’t very funny, you know?”
As Kit smiled at her she said softly in a lightly tone. “With you it will always be funny. If I didn’t tease you, how would you know I cared?”
Rolling her eyes, Lexi sighed and said, “Because, I know you. I don’t need your teasing to know you care.”
 Walking over to her, Kit put one arm over Lexi’s shoulder and said, “C’mon. Let’s go home.” She started to walk towards the house with Lexi. They walked in silence for a bit.
Looking up at Kit, Lexi said, “So, how early are you gonna leave tomorrow?”
Smiling down at her ‘sister’ Kit said, “I don’t know yet. Probably pretty early if I want to get to another island before night.”

Nodding, Lexi looked back down at the ground and continued to walk in silence. As they reached the steps to the house, Kit looked at her and smiled a bit as she began to wonder how long it would be before she got to see her best friend again. . . .


by L.A

20 something year old, spending a lot of free time watching anime, playing video games, reading manga, and meeting new people.

Love battle shounen, slice of life, comedy, horror or anything that has an interesting plot.