Music and My undying Love for It

Music is many things. It is an art, feelings put into song. Its one of the things I thing connects all of us around the world, it can hold so many things like love, friendships, and other emotions. In my life I have had music since I can remember.  I was humming before I could talk, which is another type of music.

Music is a story to be told and for anyone to listen. Having music in my life is like that first cup of coffee in the morning from someone else. If I don’t get it, I will either go insane or be upset the whole day. Music is like a therapy session.

I joined choir in preschool and missed only a few years until 5th grade when it was offered again. Over that period of time, I have gotten better at singing.

Writing music is so much harder than simply singing. You have to go through the entire process of writing lyrics , and telling music, as well as making sure it all flows together nicely. You can put in instruments or you can sing Acapella. I prefer singing Acapella to using instruments. However, I’m learning how to play several instruments to up my game.

When I have or get the chance; I want to go out into the world, and to share my music and story with the people. Music has helped me with my stage fright. I truly think that music can help many people mentally. I know that it has helped me and many of my friends.

Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has taught me the things I can do with my voice as well as the things I do should try to improve. I am now in the elite mixed and women’s choirs.

I am excited to go further in the music industry; Also to follow my dream of being a musician. I think that I can be more important in the music industry. I would like to help those who thinks that they can’t or think they are not good a singing. I would help with self esteem. See, music can help with many things.

For me music is a a good way to calm your nerves. It helps me anyways. It could, however, have another effect on others. Music is my love now; And it will be here with me forever.

by Q

2 Responses

  1. Zac says:

    Loved your article but I would have loved if it had been longer and looking forward to your next work.

  2. LotsofLove says:

    Thanks you made me think of starting to do music again. Got discouraged before

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