Afforable, Cute and Creative Ways to make a Christmas Tree this Christmas

Christmas is here again all the decors are up.  I have zero interest in getting àn artificial pine tree and a natural pine tree is not readily available.  So I’ve been looking into alternatives.
It has to have the spirit of Christmas be super cute safe readily available and affordable. And more importantly for me it should be easy to setup and pack up
I told my bro about this and he just laughed well hopefully i get the last laugh

Cute and christmassy are the keywords for me so here’s what I found

I’ve got a lot of old CDs at home. That plus little ones plus alot of glue and paper and we’ve got Christmas decors.
So we’ll be recycling and creating memories. .. a bit of a cliche but isn’t that what Christmas is all about.
An added advantage is that it’s easier to take down and CHEAPER… there’s more to spend on the gifts or splurge on whatever.
Hopefully it will be fun and worth it.

I am going to try the wall Christmas tree and recycled cd decors. I hope it turns out great and not tacky

Kindly share your ideas on fun practical christmas decor ideas.

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