I recently decided to start working out again cause I noticed I was getting tired faster plus an annoying brother that starting to look more in shape than me 😂😂😂 so this is my work out for the day it’s (NOTE IT’S REALY HARD AND WILL LEAVE YOU EXHAUSTED BUT IF YOU STICK WITH IT YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS) ;  

 Bird Dog 35 reps
Pushup and rotation 10 reps
 Step up onto chair 35 reps
Burpee 10 reps
Incline push up 10 reps 
Crunch 35 reps
Left  and right side plank 25 secs  
Right and left  leg jump lunge with knee 18 reps
If you keep up I promise you will be fit in no time 😉 and Please leave your comments on how you felt after or if you want harder ones 😈

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