Show Down Of The Strongest Heros

Who is stronger superman or all might

  Two of the strongest heros,there have been many speculations as to whom would emerge as top dog if this two Titans ever went at it and we at Yo! D101 have decided to answer. And anyone who has not watched Boku no Hero Academia should give it a try it’s really worth the watch.

  Now let’s first start with the origin of both heros before the main event-  WHERE TWO HEROS ENTER ONLY ONE COMES OUT ! 🙌🙌

  SUPERMAN also know as the Man of Steel, his origin is that of a typical hero 😂😂,he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El moments before his home planet Krypton was destroyed.On landing on earth he is found by a farm couple Martha and Jonathan Kent in Kansas and imbued with a strong moral compass.As an adult,he creates his alter ego –>superman and becomes the protector of Earth,Woking at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent along side his partner and wife Lois Lane (talk about mixing business and pleasure 😏).

  ALL MIGHT also know as the Symbol of Peace , The origin story of Toshinori Yagi not much is known about it yet but we know he was quirkless during his early life (a term for someone who does not have powers used in Boku no Hero Academia watch to learn more about that) but inheriting the power ONE FOR ALL . Nana Shimura who saw him as worthy to inherit a power that in the wrong hands would be very bad for the world. He is the former No. 1 hero and the eight user of the One For All quirk before passing it on to his successor Izuku Midoriya . He also teaches at U.A High school.

Superman and All Might all out battle


Gender : Male        
Race : Kryptonian


  • Ability of flight
  • Super Strength
  • Eyes emit bursts of heat,miroscopic to telescopic vision,able to see x-rays and radio waves
  • Super hearing
  • Lungs are capable of holding air for long periods of time and compress the air and exhale it as freezing breath
  • Super speed
Gender : Male
Race : Human


  • One For All : Grants user access to stockpiled power,granting him super strength, super speed, greatly enhanced agility,enhanced reflexes,high durability and the ability to jump extremely high


All Might medical issues
Superman’s learning to restrain his strength through years of living with weaker individuals as made him weaker.
Superman’s powere have been reduced since after the crisis on infinite earths series

  It would be the  Symbol of Peace sending the Man of Steel flying into the stratosphere because One for all  is simply raw power stock piled from 7 former users with the potential of being even stronger and punches that could change the weather and without a doubt kill the hulk in fact , with impressive agility and efficient  use of power superman does not stand a chance ( not to mention minimized property damage and concern for the lives of those he is supposed to save which is something superman cannot do seeing as supermans trademarked technique is smashing villians into buildings ). The only way Superman could win though is if he could turn it to an endurance match and All Might is in his injured stage however the scenario is clear All Might at 100 percent would need an approximated one punch.

  Please leave comments on your views or if you think there is someone else you would like to have in your corner that could wipe the floor with this guys

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    13 Responses

    1. HunterA A says:

      What the? Bro do you read comics like at all? Superman without a doubt fodderize all might. Supes is easily MFTL and even when suppress his punches can easily shatter planets. He'll when he was fighting his earth 2 counter part their punches were destroying the universe, which in dc on universe is infinate, containing infinate limbo with earth realm of limbo being infinate. I'm sorry but saying all kout wins is just stupid.

    2. Kohga says:

      This is basically wank to make all might win lmfao. Every version of superman stomps him. CAS would murder stomp the verse with Extreme ease

    3. D1 Rotimi says:

      His number one power is smashing villains with stuff and smash them through or grinding them up against building which all sum up to property damage
      Yep His number 1 power should be property damage

    4. Thanks everyone for the comment really makes me happy.
      You have to admit D1 as a point if someone like Batman can give Superman a tough time is he really that strong

    5. D1 Rotimi says:

      So with the last statement please note that all might is currently not at his maximum power even when fighting nomu he claimed that in his prime one punch would have done the trick and I don't believe he was bragging. But let's humour it and say all might can't beat him. The more one for all is passed that the stronger it becomes meaning infinite amount of growth and power and decides if Batman could beat him he stands no chance(PS a punch from all might to batman will rearrange his insides and mangle his body even in armour) so the result is clear

    6. Anonymous says:

      Every version of Superman stomps All Might even the building level version due to All Might's ridiculously short time limit.

    7. RandomGuy says:

      Lmfao, If You used Cosmic armor superman he would murder all might, even base superman stomps all might. What is debate either way when we know who Wins already

    8. Give me a break, you call this an analysis? It's wankery at its best. All Might, as impressive as he may be, has yet to show ANY feats that put him on Superman's level. It's foolishly naive to say he wins, JUST BECAUSE without any REAL reason. This is Superman here, who benchpressed the mass of the earth for FIVE DAYS? The dude who can destroy planets with a single punch? I know there's a major consensus of unawareness where Superman is generally concerned, but this is ridiculous. All Might hasn't shown any feats that even put him CLOSE to that level.

    9. Adam says:

      Almight is more amazing just face it. He's on top of the food chain and superman is bait

    10. Mat says:

      Your forgetting that Almight can take some high level impact and not even flinch

    11. Ola says:

      I think the only thing that could stop Superman is kryptonite and I dont see any. He will just blast Almight away with laser beams

    12. Tunde says:

      Have you seen Almight fight the guys a beats. If he can fight ALL FOR ONE a guy with many powers, what's the man of Steel please

    13. Carl says:

      How would superman lose. He as the yellow sun he won't stay down for long on like almighty who still as to fight depending on his stamina

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